Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. How to Obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

    3. CDL Endorsements & Restrictions

    4. Combination Vehicle

    5. Basic Operation

    6. Safety Fundamentals

    7. Essential Regulatory Requirements

    8. Hazard Awareness of Vehicle Size and Weight Limitations

    9. Proper Cargo Securement

    10. Navigating in Low Clearance Areas

    11. Crossing a Bridge

    12. Driver Disqualification

    13. Railroad-highway Grade Crossing Violations

    14. Drug & Alcohol Testing

    15. Medical Requirements

    16. The bridge formula

    17. Orientation Quiz

    1. Overview

    2. Air brake system and Air gauges

    3. Automatic Transmission

    4. Manual Transmissions

    5. Safety and comfort controls

    6. Gauges

    7. Control System/ Dashboard Quiz

    1. Overview

    2. Pre-trip Inspection

    3. Safety Items

    4. Engine Compartment

    5. Axle Inspections

    6. Outside the Vehicle

    7. Inside the Truck

    8. Air Brake Check

    9. Enroute Inspection

    10. Specialized Trailers

    11. Post-Trip Inspection

    12. Inspection Quiz

    1. Intoduction

    2. Starting and Shutting Down

    3. Moving the CMV and stopping it.

    4. Turning a Combination Vehicle

    5. Driving in Traffic

    6. Backing a Trailer

    7. Basic Control Quiz

    1. Overview- Operating Transmissions

    2. Upshifting and down shifting

    3. Types of manual transmissions

    4. Quiz-Operating Transmissions

    1. Backing and Docking- Overview

    2. Straight line backing

    3. Offset left and Right

    4. Alley Dock backing

    5. Parallel Parking

    6. Quiz-Backing and Docking

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